I'm a researcher, designer and lecturer based in Berlin. I love experimentation on the crossroads of design, research and technology, documentary film and biography. My research areas: design justice, design and digital transformation, civic design, social design, with focus on digital inequalities and participation. My work is dedicated to community building, bottom up processes, and how to foster social cohesion, inclusion and digitalization for democratic development. [...] Currently I am at the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society/UdK Berlin, as head of the research group "Inequality and digital Sovereignty", and responsible for social design and civic design at the Design Research Lab (DRLab), Berlin University of the Arts. // Some new stuff: Podcast "PURPLE CODE. Intersectional feminist perspectives on digital societies", together with Sana Ahmad and Lena Ullbricht, 2022. Book: "Practicing Sovereignty. Digital Involvement in Times of Crises". Herlo/Irrgang/Joost/Unteidig (eds.), transcript 2021. Documentary: "Family Patterns. A conversation with the therapist Satuila Stierlin.", a documentary film, together with the author and therapist Helga Kurzchalia. 61 min. Book: "Matters of Communication - Formen und Materialitäten gestalteter Kommunikation". Foraita/Herlo/Vogelsang (Hg.). transcript 2020. Book: "Lechts und Rinks. Auseinandersetzungen mit dem Design der Neuen Rechten". Christensen/Fezer/ Herlo/Hornuff/Joost (Hg.), adocs Hamburg, 2020.